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Crispy bacon morning roll & HP  3.95
Warm butter croissant or pain au chocolat 3.25
Fruit scone with butter & jam 3.25
 Cone of Chips with HP sauce 3.95



Served on farmhouse white or wholemeal bread


Six finger sandwiches served with kettle chips

Isle of Mull cheddar & Branston pickle  7.25
Roast chicken & mayonnaise  8.25
Parma ham , rocket & mozzarella  8.50
Tuna, mayonnaise & red onion  7.75
Smoked salmon & cucumber  8.95
Honey roast ham, mustard & tomato 7.50
Soup of the day with crusty bread  5.75
Classic toasted club sandwich, with chicken, bacon, lettuce, fried egg & fries  13.95
Aberdeen Angus ribeye steak ciabatta sandwich with caramelised onion, rocket & fries  15.25
Classic Cesar salad with parmesan, crispy bacon, white anchovies & croutons   8.95
add chargrilled chicken  12.50
Scottish smoked salmon with caperberries & toasted sourdough  10.50
 Fish gougons with hand cut chips and tartare sauce 13.95
The Rbar quater pounder burger with bacon, caramelised onion, chedder & fries 14.95
Scottish & Italian charcuterie board with olives, cheese, breadsticks & homebaked bread  14.75
Home baked bread board with olive oil, balsamic & olives  4.95


light, delicious